Clermont County man charged for trafficking in LSD




Clermont County man charged for trafficking in LSD

 A Batavia Township man has been arrested by the Clermont County Narcotics Task Force for his involvement in the trafficking of LSD.

Joshua Schroth, age 38, has been charged with  1 count of trafficking in LSD, a felony of the first degree.

On March 25, 2019,  the Clermont County Narcotics Task Force worked in conjunction with the Warren County Narcotics Task Force and identified Schroth as a supplier of LSD to Clermont County. Narcotics agents executed a search warrant today at Schroth’s residence located in the 100 block of Forest Meadow Dr. in Batavia Twp., At the onset of the search warrant, agents located a device which appeared to be a pipe bomb. Agents stopped the search and called the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad who responded along with the ATF to the scene. Bomb Squad technicians x-rayed the device and found it to be empty, declaring the scene safe. Agents resumed the search at 7:35pm.

This investigation is ongoing at this time.

This investigation will be reviewed in its entirety with the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office and presented to the Grand Jury for consideration of additional charges.

Schroth is currently being held in the Clermont County Jail without bond. Schroth will appear for his bond on Tuesday March 26th , 2019 at 10am in Clermont County Municipal Court.