CCW Training Requirements



The Attorney General and Clermont County Sheriff’s Office do not endorse any particular form of training or instructor. However, a list of Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission certified instructors who wish to teach classes to the general public is available from the Attorney General’s web site at Also, a list of instructors in the Cincinnati area are provided at the bottom of the page. (NOTE: These instructors are not affiliated with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, nor is the validity of their certification as NRA or OPOTC concealed carry instructors verified by our office.

The Ohio Revised Code requires a total of 8 hours of training: 6 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range time. Originals applicants must provide a copy of their training certificate at the time of application. Training certificates are valid for 3 years.


6 hours of classroom instruction should include:

2 hours of range/shooting time should include:

Other Requirements: