CHL Training Requirements

The Attorney General and Clermont County Sheriff’s Office do not endorse any particular form of training or instructor.   However, a list of Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission certified instructors who wish to teach classes to the general public is available from the Attorney General’s web site at The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office website also lists instructors who have provided contact information to the Sheriff’s Office. (NOTE: These instructors are not affiliated with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, nor is the validity of their certification as NRA or OPOTC concealed carry instructors verified by our office. This information is listed on our website at the request of the instructors as a convenience to the public.)

EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 5, 2018– Applicant’s who present an active duty ID or a form DD-214 showing an honorable discharge are exempt from the training requirement.  The Sheriff’s Office will accept military experience with firearms as proof of competency with firearms regardless of when the applicant for a license acquired the experience.

The law sets out minimum educational requirements that are a component of the various forms of competency certification as set forth in the “Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law” booklet.

The total time required for training is 8 hours, 6 hours of  classroom instruction and another 2 hours of experience shooting and handling a handgun.



The law requires 6 hours of classroom instruction in the following matters:

Additionally, you must complete at least 2 hours of practical training including range time and live-fire experience

As an advisory to consumers, the Attorney General recommends anyone contemplating private handgun training take the following minimum steps before paying for any form of training: