Citizen Attitude and Opinion Survey

In an attempt to provide an efficient and professional law enforcement service to the community, the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office is surveying citizen attitudes and opinions with respect to the following:

  1. Overall Clermont County Sheriff’s Office performance
  2. Overall competence of agency employees
  3. Deputy attitude and behavior toward citizens
  4. Recommendations and suggestions for improvements

The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office shares your concern over safety and security within the patrol district where you live and concern over safety and security within Clermont County. Your response to the following survey is needed to complement other sources of information used in our decision-making process as we continually adjust our operational procedures to deliver the best possible service to the citizens of Clermont County. Please take a few moments of your valuable time to complete the survey.

Report Information [Required]

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. You will need the dispatch number from the police report to complete this form. The number can be found in the top left hand corner under “Incident Report.”

How would you rate the response time from the time you notified us to the arrival of the deputy?

How would you rate the deputy’s appearance; i.e., neat uniform, height in proportion to weight, neat hair style?

How would you rate the deputy’s attitude, courtesy and concern for the situation?

Did the deputy help you to understand how your complaint would be handled and what your responsibilities and alternatives might be?

How would you rate your overall impression of the service rendered by the deputy?

What impressed you most with the service given to you?