Community Oriented Policing

Neighborhood Deputies

“Although all deputies have complete authority while in your township or village, this list of contacts are assigned as law enforcement ambassadors committed to the communities identified, and are available to assist you in any way possible”.

Batavia Township– (513-732-2873) 

Deputy Erik Benkelmann

Monroe Township- (513-732-7500 ext.4432)
Deputy David Morgan

Washington Township– (513-732-7500 ext.4380)
Deputy Steve Seng

Ohio Township- (513-732-7500 ext. 4449)
Cpl. Douglas Scott

Franklin Township- (513-732-7500 ext. 4346)
Deputy Jesse Hurst

Tate Township- (513-734-7088)
Deputy Erik Pike

Stonelick Township- (513-732-7500 ext. 4447)
Cpl. Dan Cooper

Wayne Township- (513-732-7500 ext. 4422)
Cpl. Jesse Kidder

Jackson Township-  (513-732-7500 ext. 7507)
Cpl. William Crouch

Williamsburg Township– (513-732-7500 ext.4440)

Cpl. Steve Singleton