Current Sales

Important Information:
The sales list provided is for informational purposes only.   All care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the sale information, however we can not control the information provided to us.   The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office assumes no liability for erroneous information.   Properties are listed here after the Sheriff’s Office has received an Order of Sale, had the property appraised and set a date for sale.    The Sheriff’s Office has no information on foreclosures before the Court orders the sale.   A sale may be cancelled at any time prior to the actual sale.

Sales tables are listed in .pdf file format.
You may download the free Adobe Acrobat .pdf file viewer here.

Frequent updates are made to the sales tables.
Please review the sales table links below for updates.

To view completed Sheriff Sales results, visit this page and click on the “SS Results Year” link.

Sheriff’s Sales start promptly at 10:00 am. Until further notice, sales will be taking place outside under the covered parking area behind the Sheriff’s office.

Note:   When arriving for sales, please park in the Municipal Court parking lot adjacent to the Sheriff’s Office Visitor’s lot and use the sidewalk to access the Sheriff’s Office.

Plaintiff / Attorney Distribution: Sheriff Sales Tax Information (multipage document, scroll to most recent sales date).
Note: The “Total Due” Column MAY be displayed on the next sequential page of this PDF document.