Dump Site

meth lab dump siteThe means necessary to prevent a tenant from starting a methamphetamine lab can be simple and non-intrusive. A landlord can eliminate the likelihood of a meth lab on their property by simply screening prospective tenants and conducting regular inspections.

Meth labs require equipment and supplies that could make a “quick clean-up” unlikely. Landlords should make “surprise” or unannounced inspection of their property within the provisions of the law. If a landlord suspects or discovered a meth lab, he/she should not confront the tenant or enter the lab, but contact their local law enforcement agency immediately as they are equipped to conduct an investigation and collect evidence in a safe and lawful manner.

Get to know your neighbors by introducing yourself to the neighbors and let them know your property is a rental. Ask neighbors to keep watch on your property and provide them with your telephone number so they an contact you if they have any concerns.

Always screen prospective tenants and be sure to check their credit history and references. Have each prospective provide you with a written authorization to check with the local police for prior criminal record. Advise that you check your property regularly and have your tenant sign an agreement to allow for unannounced inspections. Let your tenant k now you have regular contact with the neighbors. Confirm the number and names of the tenants who will be residing at your property and find out who will be paying the bills. Keep a record of your tenant’s vehicles and license plate numbers.

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