Stolen Property Recovery

Teddy Reynolds

Teddy Reynolds

On 4/25/13 the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office recovered a Bobcat Excavator valued at around $40,000.00 that had been reported stolen from a Clermont County cemetery on 3/26/11.

The recovery took place at Reynolds Lawn Service, 1880 S.R. 125 Amelia, Ohio, Batavia Township.  Additional items were recovered on the Reynolds property that had been reported stolen from several jurisdictions. These jurisdictions included Union Township, Pierce Township, Amelia and Anderson Township in Hamilton County.

This resulted in a number of search warrants and assistance from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  As a result, nearly $95,000.00 in stolen property was recovered.  All the thefts had been reported in early to mid 2011. This investigation was presented to the Clermont County Grand Jury on 6/4/13.
As a result, Teddy M. Reynolds, 51 years old, was indicted as follows:


-9 counts of Receiving Stolen Property, felony of the fifth degree.

-6 counts Tampering with Identification numbers to conceal Identification of vehicle or part, felony of the fifth degree.

-7 counts of Tampering with evidence,felony of the third degree.

-1 count of Insurance Fraud, felony of the fourth degree.