Corrections Officer Job Description


Robert S. Leahy, SHERIFF


Starting Pay:       $ 47,069
After 60 Months: $ 63,962

Minimum Qualifications



For Correction Officer positions the steps in the selection process include the following:

During the application process, sensitive or confidential aspects of your personal life may be investigated, and your professional and personal acquaintances interviewed.


Correction Officer Position Description

Processes inmates in/out of the Clermont County Jail, maintaining all paperwork necessary to the process; verifies all court commitments, warrants to discharge & other orders of the court; schedules all inmate transportation between the Clermont County Jail and other detention facilities; fingerprints inmates; photographs all incoming inmates; searches inmates according to established procedures segregating as necessary and assigning/admitting inmates to cell blocks.

Supervises all inmates visually and/or by closed circuit TV in all areas of the Jail for their well-being & the security of the facility; supervises trustees in their work assignments; administers medication; issues jail/bed clothing; provides commissary items; administers to all other needs of inmates as may be required.

Coordinates inmate movement inside and/or outside of Jail; arranges for medical/dental appointments, court appearances, professional evaluations and any other required transportation; arranges telephone calls & visitation for inmates.

Communicates directly with officers of the court, parole officers, Clerk of Courts personnel, other law enforcement agencies, & penal institutions concerning inmate-related matters.

Performs other related duties as assigned.