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Sheriff Leahy is statutorily responsible for jail operations. In the interest of the public, it is the goal of the Sheriff to operate the jail in a safe, secure and efficient manner while meeting or exceeding Minimum Jail Standards promulgated by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Jail Administrator Major BJ Boerger oversees all aspects of the Clermont County Jail. The jail is currently in compliance with applicable standards.


It is the intent of the Sheriff to fulfill his statutory obligations in a way that is humane and impartial to inmates, provides protection to the community, and ensures the efficient use of resources. Capt. Mike McConnell oversees the security/operations of the jail. The jail employs approximately 100 trained civilian and security personnel. Necessary services are provided by certified or, in applicable cases, licensed professional personnel. The jail processes about 7,000 inmates a year, and has an average daily population of about 300 inmates.

Maximum Security Section

The core section of the jail was opened in 1986 and houses 128 inmates in single cell maximum security environment. This area provides for most auxiliary functions such as medical service, food service, recreation, admissions and release. This area underwent a major renovation in 2003 which included upgrading security and communication systems, expanding the booking area and adding a 14 bed classification area.

Medium Security Section

In 2006, the jail opened a second 192 bed addition on the North end of the building to house minimum and medium security inmates in double-bunk cells. Part of this construction included installing a facility-wide, state-of-the-art communication, video surveillance and door control system.

Minimum Security Section

In 1994, the jail opened the Minimum Security Misdemeanant Section on the South end of the building which added 192 beds to the facility in a direct supervision, dormitory housing environment. As designed and constructed, this area could house only non-violent misdemeanant offenders. In 2003 this area underwent a renovation which included security upgrades to permit the housing of other offender classifications. This area of the Jail was closed in 2006 when the 192 bed addition to the North end of the building was complete. The 192 bed section built on the north end of the building is operated more efficiently. This area can be re-opened when the need and funds are available.

Corrections Academy

The Sheriff began providing basic corrections training at the Clermont County jail in his first year in office. The academy provides quality certification training at reduced costs, while preparing new officers to work in the jail. Cpl. Kevin Lindsey serves as the school commander. Graduates of the corrections academy consistently receive above average marks on the certification final examination.

Inmate Services and Program Functions

Inmates are given an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, including; Alcoholics Anonymous, nondenominational religious services, adult basic education and literacy (including GED classes), and alcohol and drug education/intervention. The most popular program is the Sheriff’s Trustee Program (STP). Inmates (low risk offenders assigned trustee duties) participating in STP learn vocational skills and develop good work habits by performing kitchen, janitorial and landscaping activities for the Sheriff’s Office. This trustee program provides janitorial services for county office buildings, along with labor services to Facilities Maintenance which handles maintenance on all county owned buildings. This program saves the county tax payers thousands of dollars each year.