Deputy Sheriff Job Description


Robert S. Leahy, SHERIFF


Minimum Qualifications


Deputy Sheriff (Road Patrol) Position Description:

Protects life and property in county jurisdiction, patrolling assigned area to maintain order, enforce laws and provide assistance to citizens as needed; responds to reports of misdemeanors or felonies and performs preliminary observations and investigations; takes offense reports, gather evidence; shall secure scene of crimes and accidents; maintains traffic; takes traffic accident reports on private and public property.

Apprehends suspected law violators, performs arrests, searches, restrains, books and confines arrested persons; transports person(s) in custody, assuming responsibility for discipline and safety.

Serves as officer of the court in serving warrants and other legal documents; provides court testimony as required.

Performs related duties as necessary (takes fingerprints, prepares reports, takes photographs, searches records, assists in duty officer station).

New and other related duties as assigned.

Deputy Sheriff (Court Services) Position Description:

Provides security to courts of jurisdiction, county office buildings and other institutions; Provides transportation and supervision of inmates ordered to appear by courts of jurisdiction, i.e., Municipal, Common Pleas, Juvenile and Domestic Relations; protects life and property in county jurisdiction; enforces laws and protects citizens, with emphasis on court security.

Transports inmates to respective Clerk of Courts; transports inmates to and from medical and psychological appointments; transports sentenced inmates to receiving state penal institutions; transports prisoners detained at other police agencies and/or institutions on the Sheriff’s legal authority.

Prepares and files paperwork relative to inmates transported to state penal institutions and other agencies, i.e., serves and completes court related paperwork, i.e., warrants, commitments, discharges, etc.

New and other related duties as assigned.