Frequently Asked CCW Questions

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to apply for a conceal carry license?

A: Yes. Both new and renewal applicants must make an appointment to apply.


Q: How do I cancel and/or reschedule my appointment?

A: To cancel an existing appointment, please call our conceal carry department and leave a message with your full name and appointment date and time. To reschedule an appointment, please refer back to the appointment calendar on the home page and select a new date and time.


Q: I forgot my appointment date and time. How do I find that information?

A: When you scheduled your appointment, an email confirmation was sent from “Webmaster” which lists your appointment date and time. If you cannot locate the email please contact our conceal carry department.


Q: Can I be added to a cancelation list to get a sooner appointment?

A: No. We do not do not keep a cancelation list.


Q: Is it true you are booked out several months?

A: Yes. Our volume of applications has increased significantly.


Q: Which counties can apply to Clermont for their conceal carry license?

A: We accept applicants who are residents of Clermont, Hamilton, Warren, Clinton, and Brown counties.


Q: Do I have to bring a passport style photo for the application if I am a renewal applicant?

A: No. Only NEW applicants are required to bring a passport style photo.


 Q: Once I take the training course for conceal carry, how long is the certificate good for?

A: You have three years from the date issued to use your certificate to apply for a conceal carry license. Some course instructors tell participants a different amount of time that your certificate will be good for, however, our office accepts them for three years.


 Q: If I need to renew my conceal carry license, do I need to retake the training course?

A: No. Even if your latest conceal carry license has expired, you do not need to retake the training course.


Q: Is there a penalty to renew if I let my conceal carry license expire?

A:  No. You will still apply as a renewal applicant and there is no penalty.


Q: Can I carry a weapon if my license has expired?

A: Once your license has expired you have a 30 day grace period in which you can still carry. After that grace period you can no longer carry concealed until you receive a renewal license.


Q: If I live out of state can I apply for an Ohio conceal carry license?

A: If you live outside of the state but currently work in Clermont County or an adjoining county, you may apply. Please provide proof of employment at the time of application. You may also apply If you live outside of the state but have maintained residency in Clermont County or an adjoining county. Please provide proof of residency at the time of application.


Q: When will we start accepting walk-ins for conceal carry applicants?

A: At this time we are unsure. Due to Covid-19 our conceal carry processing has changed significantly.