Vacation Safety

Safeguard your Home while on Vacation:

-Stop newspaper & mail delivery; or have your neighbor collect them for you.

-Make your house looks lived in; have a neighbor put out & take in your trash cans, mow the lawn or clear snow off your cars & walkways.

-Set lights on timers in multiple rooms.  Set timers to go off and on at different times.  Use exterior motion sensor lights in the front and rear of your home.

-Lock all doors and window, including the garage door. Use high quality locks on your doors.

-Tell a trusted neighbor when you’re leaving and returning, and ask them to watch your home. Give them a phone number where you can be reached, and a spare key for emergencies.

-Alert your local law enforcement agency to watch your home while away
(Residents of Clermont County: read about a  Vacation Watch Request).

-Consider a home security system.  Burglars usually select unoccupied homes without alarm systems as their targets. Make sure your security system includes a loud inside alarm, detectors at all exterior doors, and motion sensors in the main living areas.