Special Response Team

The Sheriff’s Office SRT is tasked with the responsibility of responding to critical, life-threatening incidents within Clermont County. Examples of SRT operations include: Hostage situations or barricaded subjects, tracking fugitives, and high-risk search warrants. The team consists of officers specially trained in offensive tactics, negotiation, and marksmanship. The SRT also has state of the art weapons and equipment to allow the team to professionally and effectively discharge its duties. One SRT vehicle, a former ambulance, was donated to the Sheriff’s Office by the Union Township Trustees and was modified to meet the requirements of SRT operations. The other vehicle was donated to the Sheriff’s Office by a Cincinnati based armored car company, and was painted and detailed by the students of U.S. Grant Vocational School in Bethel. Since its inception several years ago, the Sheriff’s Office SRT has successfully resolved several incidents without serious injury or loss of life to any citizens or officers.