Effective March 30, 2020: WebCheck appointments are booked thru April 30th.
Please check this website on or after April 13th for future information on scheduling an appointment.

Due to the national health concern, effective March 18, 2020,
Concealed Handgun license and Web Check services are suspended.
Services will resume Monday March 23, by appointment only.


Current WebCheck hours:

Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
(Excluding Holidays & other posted dates).
No Appointment is necessary.

Applications are NOT Accepted on the Following dates:

New Year’s Day (Observed) – Wednesday January 1, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday January 20, 2020

President’s Day – Monday February 17, 2020

Memorial Day – Monday May 25, 2020

Independence Day – Friday, July 3, 2020

Labor Day – Monday September 7, 2020

Veterans’ Day (Observed) – Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 26, 2020

Friday after Thanksgiving – November 27, 2020

Christmas –Friday, December 25, 2020

Completing  a WebCheck requires a “Reason Code”.
Ohio WebCheck Reason Codes may be viewed here: BCI Reason Codes.
FBI WebCheck Reason Codes may be viewed here: FBI Reason Codes.

The WebCheck form may be completed and downloaded here: WebCheck Form.


For proof of identification, please have one (1) of the following:

1. Valid Driver’s License
2. State ID
3. Student ID Badge
4. Valid Passport

Current WebCheck Fee Structure

NOTE: No rolled or loose coins greater than a total of $5.00 will be accepted.

State of Ohio WebCheck
$30.00 (Exact Change in Cash, or Money Order payable to “Clermont County Sheriff’s Office”)

National WebCheck    –   $36.25 (Exact Change in Cash, or Money Order payable to “Clermont County Sheriff’s Office”).
(Available only for specific career/volunteer categories & court ordered requirements; contact your employer, volunteer coordinator, or legal advisor for specific information)

National & State WebCheck   –   $56.25 (Exact Change in Cash, or Money Order payable to “Clermont County Sheriff’s Office”).
(Available only for specific career/volunteer categories & court ordered requirements; contact your employer, volunteer coordinator, or legal advisor for specific information)

FBI (National) Webchecks can only be completed for limited “official” purposes (e.g. licensing, government operations, schools, etc.) but not for private matters such as employment in the private sector, apartment rentals, etc.

The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office can complete individual State of Ohio criminal history record checks using the WebCheck system.

WebCheck is a statewide Ohio record check, businesses and agencies will not have to obtain record checks from other Ohio counties; nor will applicants requiring a state record check need to visit our Corrections Facility to have their fingerprints taken by ink.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) charges our agency a fee for each Ohio record check requested. In order to cover this fee and pay for equipment and annual software maintenance, we have established the WebCheck fees as listed above.   Payment is due at the time of service; only cash (exact change) or money orders (payable to ‘Clermont County Sheriff’s Office’) are accepted.

WebCheck utilizes the Internet to electronically transfer fingerprints and other data to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) in London, Ohio.   The fingerprints and information from an applicant’s Driver’s License or Ohio Identification Card’s magnetic strip is encrypted and electronically stored in the computer. The computer then sends the encrypted information over the internet to BCI&I, which automatically compares the information against fingerprints and criminal histories stored in the Ohio Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database. Once fingerprints and I.D. are scanned, our agency should receive results within 14-30 business days unless a “hit or match” is detected. If a “hit or match” is detected the results will be mailed directly from BCI&I to the address provided by the applicant. If you are an employer or agency and want the results mailed directly to you, instruct your applicants to provide our record check clerk with your business mailing address, NOT the address of the applicants.

NOTE: BCI&I sends the record check to the address provided by you, but is NO LONGER able to send a duplicate copy to your personal address free of charge.  If you require a second copy, you must pay for a second WebCheck.

View a complete list of WebCheck providers here.

Fingerprint Cards Only:

Some persons want to have inked fingerprint cards completed at our jail to personally mail to an employer or other agency. The cost for rolling inked fingerprint cards is $10.00 (cash, exact change) for each card.  This process is done at the Jail, located adjacent to the Clermont County Municipal Court. Hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, 7 days a week.  The Municipal Court parking lot, near the right side of the building, has convenient parking close to the public jail entrance sidewalk. The Municipal Court address is 4430 State Route 222 Batavia, Ohio 45103.

Online Local Public Record Check:

For many employers local Clermont county record checks are all that is required. Though the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office does not provide local record checks, county record checks can be obtained through the Clermont County Clerk of Courts website without cost. Utilize the ‘Case Access’ link at their internet website to obtain Clermont County record check information. The Clerk’s website is http://www.clermontclerk.org/. The Clerk’s Office website contains Common Pleas records back to 1988 and Municipal Court records back to May, 1996. If you need to research records before these dates you will need to contact the Clerk’s Office to perform a manual search.

With questions regarding WebCheck please contact our Records Department at (513) 732-7557.